Aero’s Birth Notes and Transcript

May 1, 2020

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I’m not sure if this is going to be interesting to people or not, but it is something I created while watching the videos I have of my second labor and birth while trying to figure out how to perhaps edit them together into a longer video for folks. It is a mix of quotes and notes about what was happening in the video clips. It sort of reads like a play or a really weird poem, and I am very much a reader, and enjoyed seeing it all written out in one place. It shows what a terrible sailor mouth I am, and also the really weird things people say in labor, which I think is neat 🙂

*Shrug* Maybe this will be the next big thing in birth content! Anything in quotes is what I said unless I noted if other people were talking. This starts at about 10pm, and he was born at 4am. The video wasn’t running the whole time, so it is divided into clips.

And if you want to check out the more typical birth content from Aero’s birth, here are those links!

Birth story and lots of photos – https://indiebirth.org/when-aero-was-born/
Birth video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML3spvjBZ4I
Birth podcast with me and Maryn a few days after Aero was born, with both of us sitting in my bed 🙂 – https://indiebirth.org/margos-second-birth-maryn-and-margo-share-aeros-birth-story/
Aero’s Birth Notes and Transcript

Maryn is in room – I say “Go in the hole”, hanging from the robozo

1:32 Eating cheese and apples

2:20 “holy shit……move down baby”

3:20 Out of the frame for chapstick – 3:40 back in frame

6:00 Russell is putting down blue pads and picking up laundry

I had 4 contractions during this clip and it was 7:02 minutes long


This clip starts at about 1:30am right after I had the involuntary urge to push a little bit

“Don’t let me talk you into having another baby Russell”

“I’m so ready to be done” 1:20

Peed on the blue pad 1:45

Russell sprayed the essential oil spray 2:50

On hands and knees 3:30 – little push

Russell fiddling with the go pro on the floor

“It still hurts” 6:18

Fart 9:00

“Should we call Alisha?” 9:50 (Alisha is my apprentice and friend, and I wanted her there, but sort of didn’t think I was close until I started pushing involuntarily, and then I was worried she wouldn’t make it since she lives 45 minutes away)

Mucus plug plops out 10:05

More farts 11:00 (Russell should not have fed me chicken tikka masala for dinner)

Margo lays down 14:50

“Russell call Alisha” 16:00

“Will you check me?” – to Maryn, because I was feeling distraught 16:30

17:39 Video over / Margo to the bathroom to try sitting on the toilet


Back from bathroom a few minutes later – So hot, such a whiner, done, asked them to get an ice pack

2:10 – “Oh my god you guys help, Russell help me – touch me make me feel like a human”, hanging on his shoulders

5:06 – “If I do a few more and there is nothing different will you feel? I wasn’t this whiny last time”

6:25 – “Check me just for science.”

7:45 – Maryn checks and says “There’s only a little cervix, and its stretchy so no big deal, you could push a baby past that”

9:09 Talking about what she felt – I thought I was going to be 5 cm and I might murder somebody

10:18 – “That restores my hope. I’m so hot and I smell like urine. I’m so hot I’m not getting back in there (the tub)……I’ll get back in after this one.” Maryn goes to add hot water to the tub



0:00 Out of the bath – Maryn says,”You could lift your belly”

“I thought I was going to breath it out an hour ago, what happened to that?”

Alisha has arrived, and I said to her – “I thought you weren’t going to make it. Ha ha ha ha (angry fake laughing)”

“What is this part called, what is this?”

“If that lip is still there will you poke it?

“I’m going to get pissed and stomp around I think. Can I have a diaper?”

“I don’t give a SHIT which is the back” (Russell was trying to figure out which was the front or back before helping me put the diaper on)

“It is hurting so bad in my back”

They suggest the rebozo butt shake. I say –

“Anything please. My back. I will try literally anything, oh my god it hurts.”

5:00 – Maryn giving counter pressure on my low back – “When you pressed it just moved something (sort pushed my sacrum in? like a click if i recall). It was hurting all the way up my back at this point, along the sides of my spine.

8 – “I’ll try this weird thing I saw on facebook” – did a back bend on yoga ball but couldn’t stay there for the contraction

10:41 – Maryn says, “you’re doing awesome” – I reply, “I feel very NOT awesome”



0:00 – “Oh my god my back” crying – “get out of me” – little pushes. “I’m forcing it.” “It hurts so bad” (when Maryn says try to not force it – must have felt a little better to push? Or perhaps I just wanted the baby out)

1:23 – Accidentally fling my diaper at Alisha while kicking it off – “It is excruciating”

1:56 – “Please feel – I don’t know why I want you to so bad but I do. I cannot go on like this.”

3:09 – “It’s semi-tolerable if I push”

4:22 – Maryn says she feels a little bit of cervix.

“CAN YOU SHOVE IT?” Baby moved down with pushing.

“Should I just keep doing that until the baby comes out?”

6:10 – “Don’t let me get pregnant again for real for real for real.”

9 – Celosia comes into the room and Margo says to her “I love you so much but I’m not making you any more brothers or sisters though”

13 – Margo feels baby moving (like wiggling)

14:17 – “Oh there we go” – “I feel like its moving down” – “Fuck, my back” – “I can do this”



0 – “Maryn I feel like I need your help. I feel like I need your fingers in there to give me some direction. I need it out.”

Russell asked if I could lift my right leg and I said “no I canNOT”

1:25 – Celosia leaves. I ask her where she is going and she cutely says, “I’m just doing somethin”

1:55 – Margo’s stomach hurts (weird feeling, maybe ligaments)

2:30 – “My back, oh my god!!!!!!”

3:21 – Whimpering – “Can you rub my back and make it stop spasming – I’ll show you where”

4:15 – “I don’t know if I can do this” – really angry push – “Ok I feel it lower”

4:56 – “You guys, why is this so hard for me? I just pooped.” (I should have done an enema!)

6:55 Maryn suggests putting a leg up. I tried both sides and it hurt my back really bad immediately.

“Maybe I should get back in the bath just for a hot minute because oh my god this is insane.”

7:45 Out to bathroom but camera stays in room. Splish splash into the tub. “I need more hot.” Pushing noises.

9:15 – “I need water” (Alisha comes in and gets it)

10:15 – C says “that’s very hot mama”. More pushing noises. “Shitting….so much…”

Celosia says she can find the fish net, it is blue – no one finds the fish net… (Celosia claimed it as a toy since I wasn’t planning a water birth at all)

11:30 – “Use a glove” (Russell does not want to use a glove at all) Russell and Alisha are in the bedroom looking – Russell says “its in her toys”, Alisha says “that’s what she was telling maryn”

12:19 – Pushing noises – “Is there a bulging bag? I think I’m moving it”

12:49 – Toilet flushes my poop down 🙂

13:43 Video ends


The birth video

1:15 – Pushing hard – Maryn hops on toilet seat lid.

2:15 – “Its moving” (like wiggling). “Are you going to help catch it Pearl? I’m going to stay in the water I’m not moving.”

3:02 – Pushing hard – “Jesus Christ, GO! Yep…my water broke….the head is so big, oh my god, oh my god….oh baby (I could feel the head from the outside)!!! Oh god I kinda want to get out. That’s crazy right, is that crazy? It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s head is like half out. Oh my god, I’m gonna get out.” (I get up fast and kneel next to the tub and toilet and baby’s head is born)

4:20 “Oh my god that is so crazy. Ow ow ow ow ow…… ow it HURTs whats going on? Oh my god my back. Help Pearl! Oh my god! Is it moving around? Holy shit. Don’t push on me. Should I wait? *pushing noises* Ohhhhhh (reaches hand down) Is it ok? Are you sure? What do you think Maryn? (“Ya, Baby looks fine Margo”) Don’t PUSH on me Russell. Pushing *Screaming OW GET IT OUT OH GOD!!!!!!” (baby comes out!)

“Holy FUCK Holy FUCK. Oh my god you’re a boy. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god that was so hard oh my god. My baby…oh my baby. Come in here baby, you want to touch him? That was so hard. That is the craziest thing that has ever happened to me.”

9:20 – Margo says the placenta is feeling ready. Celosia runs to get the placenta bowl

11:17 Super crampy, gush, clots

13 – Margo stands up and walks to bed

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  1. claudia says:

    oh my gosh i just LOVED this!! so raw, so very real! it was so amazing to read all the little things you said during your birth, i really felt like i was right there and could soooo relate to the vulnerability of it. i love so much how a woman in birth can be so fragile and so powerful all at the same time ♥️ . thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Jessica says:

    Thank you for this. I cried. People can make home births sound so beautiful, and of course they are, but this also highlights just how hard it can be. I definitely remember saying things like this!

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