Birth work is not black and white. Your training options shouldn’t be either.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about pregnancy, birth, and the role of birth workers. In our current culture and medical system, it’s easy to feel like you're the only weirdo thinking about birth they way you do.

At Indie Birth, we embrace a holistic approach to birth work that sets our students apart. We go beyond traditional practices by integrating magic, manifestation, mindset, self work, nonviolent communication, shamanic practice and ritual.

We believe in nurturing the innate abilities of doulas and midwives, helping them tap into their intuition and get in tune with their own essence. By cultivating a positive and expansive mindset, our students are equipped to excel in their work and create transformative experiences for their clients.

At Indie Birth, we empower our students to excel as doulas and midwives through a blend of magical, scientific and practical tools. By integrating these practices into their work, they bring a depth of care and a level of support that sets them apart in the birth work community.

Join us on this extraordinary journey where we combine ancient wisdom with modern tools to shape a new generation of birth workers who are truly exceptional.

I have been a midwife since 2016 and started attending births in 2011. I apprenticed with Maryn for five years and attended a distance learning midwifery program. I currently run my own midwifery practice in Duluth, Minnesota.


I came to the world of pregnancy, birth, and babies before ever being pregnant myself. In graduate school, I began studying the legislation of midwifery and mothers’ childbirth choices in the US from a reproductive rights perspective.

As I learned more about the current state of pregnancy and birth, I saw very clearly the ways in which the state and the medical world actively try to control and subdue the elemental forces of pregnancy and childbirth. I quickly realized I didn’t just want to study the issues, I wanted to be a part of the change. So I caught the birth bug, met Maryn, and started joining her on all kinds of birthy adventures– including two of my own home births! I haven’t been able to stop reading, talking or writing about birth since (remember this before inviting me to dinner!).

Independent Midwife

And I’m Margo Nelson.

I was trained as a midwife, beginning with a 4 year apprenticeship and eventually serving in the role of Licensed Midwife (Arizona). I outgrew that in 2012, returning my license to the State and following my Soul into the undefined world of spiritual birth guidance with the bonus of having midwifery skills and experience. I maintained the CPM credential from 2009-2023 but became disillusioned and non aligned with this organization (and any organization that seeks to control birth and midwives) and gave this one back as well. After 15 years of serving women at home, I continue to do this in Hawai’i but for the most resonant and aligned women that see birth and motherhood as sacred initiations and desire a knowledgeable witness as their guide. 

Experience and WISDOM

My journey into the world of birth actually began with the birth of my first child in a hospital. I didn’t even know home birth was an option. I was frustrated with the hospital experience I had and began searching for other options for my second birth. I eventually connected with a doula who introduced me to the idea of home birth, and alongside the midwife I hired last minute, guided me safely through a loving second birth experience. I decided to become a midwife to help women in the same way.

I co-founded Indie Birth and our various offerings to inform, educate, and support women on their path. I feel divinely lucky to be intimately a part of the life cycle. I live with my husband of 22 years and our 10 children (yes, you read that right) currently on a beautiful Hawai'ian Island.  I work freely as a spiritual birth guide (complete with all kinds of talents, one of them being midwifery skills) under a PMA (Private  Membership Association), serving a specific group of women that have resonant spiritual beliefs about birth and life as a sacred process. Life is good!

Spiritual Birth Guide/Birth Attendant

Hi, I’m Maryn Green.

Meet the Co-Founders of Indie Birth

— Katie

I've been calling myself a doula for a while now, but I've officially completed my @indiebirth course! Woohoo!

My time there was inspiring, to say the least. I was guided to learn all about true physiological birth in a way that let me explore and reflect on my own thoughts, feelings, and preconceptions. It was life changing! The reading material and course content was designed in such a comprehensive and manageable manner, I oftentimes found myself not wanting articles, podcasts, and books to end.

The connections and support that the IB community fosters has been really special. Its incredible to feel the energy from fellow birth workers and to know that we are all in this together, working to create a paradigm shift!

I will forever treasure my time learning with Maryn, Margo, and all of the incredible hosts, and feature guests along the way. I am so grateful for this holistic, honest, and sacred capsule of birth wisdom and am so looking forward to sharing more with you all!!🌸✨🤍