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Hey! Maryn here. I know you're magic.  The women that want to work with me know that they're in this pregnancy and birth journey in a DEEP way; even if they aren't quite sure how this initiation will take shape.  I'm holding space for you to access the deep wisdom inside, and I'm here for the questions and topics that come up as you reclaim your power. 

Indie Birth

Virtual Midwifery with Maryn

As a mama to 10 amazing beings, I've been mothering and midwifing for many, many years.

My favorite part of caring for women has to be witnessing the lightbulbs go off, the emotional connections made, as women REMEMBER how to truly take responsibility and own their pregnancy and birth experiences.

I've attended hundreds of women at home, and held space for thousands and thousands of prenatal appointments, in real life and in the virtual space.  My own 10+ pregnancies and births have taught me beyond any textbook, course or certification.  I've taken some real spiritual journeys during these experiences, and also been humbled by my own power AND the mystery of birth.

What makes me the midwife for you? Most women come through as a result of feeling a connection after listening to 1 or many of my more than 200 podcasts.  These women resonate with my belief system, my philosophies on life, death and birth, and seek the counsel of an experienced "midwitch" (my new favorite way to describe my role; essentially a midwife that focuses on the emotional, spiritual and ceremonial parts of the journey).

I'm here to witness you on your journey; whether this is your first or eleventh baby.  I promise to remind you how powerful and capable you are; I'll use my experience, intuition, and your wants, needs and desires to guide the care and counsel you will receive.  Whether you've got practical questions or concerns, or want help with food, nutrition, or otherwise, I promise your session will make you feel so much lighter.  

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Virtual visits with Maryn are 60 minutes, include 1-2 email follow ups, and are tailored to your preferences and where you’re at in your journey.

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"I was in charge of my own care and the direction my pregnancy and birth went. Even when I tried to get Maryn to tell me what to do, she put the ball back in my court and helped guide me to make my own decisions. My sixth son was born at home, on a peaceful day in September. Maryn was in-tune to my needs as my labor progressed and arrived at my home in time to help me during the transitional stage of labor. She stayed with me to make sure my son was nursing and I was fed and whole."


"Until you have had an undisturbed birth of your own it’s impossible to describe how important the work that Indie Birth doing is. Indie birth is more than midwifery care it is an opportunity for women to really tune in, know their baby in the womb, trust in their body and themselves throughout the pregnancy and into birth and motherhood. Maryn and the midwives of Indie Birth provided me the tools (hands) and the personal support for me to go into birth without fear, without unnecessary intervention and with total love and trust for myself and my baby as we were finding power and connection in an undisturbed and well supported birth."


Maryn offers guidance in a unique and magical way. Graciously holding space for my thoughts, feelings, questions and sometimes just my rantings. She is a fantastic guide/mentor and helps me dig deep, uncover my strength, embrace myself, and find the questions and answers I am searching for. Supporting me as I navigate this sacred time, learn, and grow. I love the feelings of peace and wholeness I have after a virtual prenatal with Maryn. I feel she is truly a wise woman and a blessing in my life (and the lives of many). I am grateful for, and always look forward to, the times we connect. 


What People Are Saying About Working With Maryn


”My first pregnancy called me home. I’d been floating, my body and soul tethered, but not in harmony and certainly not woven together. My baby was asking for a grounded mother. I hired an energy worker and intuitive healer to process ancestral trauma and chronic pain that while very much effecting me, never felt like my load to bear. After a few sessions I had tools and insights but craved more. More knowledge, more resources, clear direction, and the missing piece to tie my personal puzzle back together. The year of travail after that birth rocked me and brought all the raw and unhealed parts of me to the surface along with a tenderness and a new commitment to bringing myself home, for good. I was pregnant again and this baby gently demanded I take radical care of my mind, body, heart, and soul. I knew that by working with Maryn we’d have more than a standard prenatal appointment when we met and journeyed through my pregnancy. I knew from listening to the Indie Birth podcast that she could also provide the spiritual mentorship I’d been longing for. Our prenatal appointments included talks about my Solar Plexus and other chakras, the collective craziness happening in the world around us and how to keep my energy safe and protected, we held fear clearing ceremonies, she facilitated house and energy clearings which included the tools needed to assist that process. The resources I was seeking were practically delivered to me on a silver platter. Maryn’s spiritual, magical, and practical gifts were exactly what I’d been seeking. With her guidance and sisterhood, I found my healing path. I put my pieces back together. I’m woven together now. I’ve came home.”

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I love the space that Maryn holds for me, around whatever it is that feels important for me to explore during a session. I feel so supported and validated in my process during this huge time of transition in my life. I also feel endlessly grateful for Maryn‘s wealth of knowledge and the diversity of support she is able to offer me, around whatever area that may be coming up for me. I appreciate the way she incorporates knowledge from her years of supporting others through her time as a midwife, her extensive studies, deep wisdom, intuition, and her genuine care as a loving human being all so harmoniously in the way she shows up. I have never felt like something is missing in the space we are sharing, for lack of being in the same room. If it is something you are pondering, I highly recommend creating the space to connect with one of these incredible beings for a virtual session.

Brittany Taylor

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