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Find the resources you need to make wise choices and reclaim your power as a birth worker.

Radical education and support for modern birth workers.

Indie Birth equips birth workers with innovative options and well-rounded perspectives. We marry the sacred with the scientific so you can show up and bring effective support to women in your community as a doula, midwife, or whatever you call yourself!

We know you’re smarter than that. 

Most information for birth workers is watered down, over-medicalized or over romanticized. 

There isn’t just one “right” way to give birth.

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This transformative four month course is for aspiring and practicing doulas ready to embrace their inner “doula self” and change the culture around birth. Based on Indie Birth principles, like the Wise Woman Model of Care, you will learn the ins and outs of pregnancy and birth, how to support and empower the women you serve, how to run a successful doula business in your community, and so much more.

Sacred Sisterhood Doula Training

For Doulas

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The go-to program for those interested in becoming heart-led midwives that truly serve their client families above all else. This comprehensive program is made up of two parts: the Midwifery Foundations program, and the Advanced Midwifery program.

The Midwifery School

For Aspiring Midwives

— Alethea

“Until you have had an undisturbed birth of your own it’s impossible to describe how important the work that Indie Birth doing is. Indie birth is more than midwifery care it is an opportunity for women to really tune in, know their baby in the womb, trust in their body and themselves throughout the pregnancy and into birth and motherhood.”


Meet the duo behind Indie Birth

We are mamas and midwives who decided to do birth differently– and bring others along with us. We are radical, fun to work with, and great at (lovingly) calling people on their bullshit to help move us all towards a new more beautiful world. With 12 children and over two decades of midwifery between us, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way, and Indie Birth is our space to share it all with you.

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Margo and Maryn

How to Become a Successful Doula

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