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Maryn and Margo are making themselves available for inspiring, loving, woman-centered prenatal and postpartum care for exceptional women near and far.

Here’s what one mom has to say about her experience!

Indie Birth

Virtual Visits with Maryn and Margo

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Brittany Taylor

"Ever since I started listening to the Indie Birth Podcast I felt a desire to connect one-on-one with Maryn, and was eager to reach out during my pregnancy to set up a consultation. Living a few states away, I recognized that having traditional in-person support with Maryn or Margo was not going to be an option, however the more I thought about what I was wanting in my prenatal process, the more I realized that I mostly wanted to create space to share energy with these inspiring, wise women during my pregnancy journey, and that we could likely do that despite the distance. Since then, I have had a number of virtual sessions with Maryn (Margo has been on her own pregnancy and postpartum journey) and they have been everything I’ve wanted and more." 

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I love the space that Maryn holds for me, around whatever it is that feels important for me to explore during a session. I feel so supported and validated in my process during this huge time of transition in my life. I also feel endlessly grateful for Maryn‘s wealth of knowledge and the diversity of support she is able to offer me, around whatever area that may be coming up for me. I appreciate the way she incorporates knowledge from her years of supporting others through her time as a midwife, her extensive studies, deep wisdom, intuition, and her genuine care as a loving human being all so harmoniously in the way she shows up. I have never felt like something is missing in the space we are sharing, for lack of being in the same room. If it is something you are pondering, I highly recommend creating the space to connect with one of these incredible beings for a virtual session.

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There is no greater possibility for radical change (in your own life and in the world) than when we change our relationship with the rite of passage that is pregnancy and birth. With a combined 23 years of experience, we’ve got deep wisdom, practical skills, pearls, and strategies that we hope you’ll let us share with you so you can reap the benefits of this information in your own life! Watch the videos below to get a sense of what we each bring to the table during virtual visits.

Meet Your Virtual Midwives: Maryn Green and Margo Blackstone, Independent Midwives

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Most prenatal care is rooted in fear, labeling people with risk factors, and ignoring the uniqueness that each human brings to the table. Your prenatal choices and care should reflect your own history, emotional needs, philosophy and beliefs about health and wellness, and your cultural background. Our virtual Indie Birth prenatal visits take all of that into account and more. Our goal is to continue to reflect your power back to you, re-center you in your decision making when you need a reminder, and of course offer our expert opinions when you want and need that. Our perspectives come from our experiences serving HUNDREDS of women as traditional midwives as well as our own autonomous pregnancy experiences. Many midwives were taught within the rigid medicalized model of prenatal care, and many have not lived and breathed the woman-centered care model even in their own pregnancies, and are just not equipped to support you in doing so.

Prenatal Care That Prepares You to Own Your Birth

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Whether it is your first or your fifth baby, we are also offering postpartum care to support you through the early weeks of mothering. Having a listening and discerning ear can make all the difference when processing your birth and trying to find your own path to healing. It can be difficult to find our way when we are tired and find ourselves in the intensity of the newborn stage. Sometimes it feels like every time you’ve got a moment to breathe, your baby requires something new. You get them to sleep, lay them down, and they wake, just as you were about to ask yourself what you need to do for yourself. It is hard to form a thought sometimes, let alone follow through on a plan. Ultimately we would all have many supportive people around us during this precious time. We are here to help you simplify and to keep you on the path you’ve laid out for yourself. We are also here to encourage you to ask for more help when you may need it, but may not even realize how much you need it! We can give you ideas and reminders to help you craft a deeply nourishing postpartum time for you and your baby on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Postpartum Care That Nourishes the New You


Because we are so pumped about this offering, and the women who will choose it, we are now offering our 13 Moons course (just like for our in person clients) on a "donate what you will" basis. 

We designed this course first for our own clients, and then wanted to make it available for powerful women all around the world that want to go above and beyond the usual lame birth education available. Each of the 13 Moons modules utilizes multi-media and in-depth resources. You will be getting the same life changing education and support that our private Indie Birth mamas get!

Not only will you learn about pregnancy and birth, you will learn how to connect with your inner wisdom, your baby, your body and many like-minded women around the world!

As a 13 Moons student, you will become part of a rich community of women with a passion for physiological birth and a deep love of both the scientific and sacred aspects of birth and mothering. You will receive the highest quality, beautifully presented materials, personal instruction, and regular communication with Maryn and Margo as well as fellow students.

Access to our 13 Moons Course

A little bonus gift from us

Spirituality and the Birth Experience • The Labor Blueprint • Long Labor Fast Labors and Everything In Between • Animal Births • Birth Stories Galore • Waterbirth • Stages of Labor • Birth Supplies • Sexual Trauma and Labor • Signs of Labor • Anatomy and Physiology of Labor and Birth • Pregnancy Alignment • To Push or Not to Push • Mantras and Meditations; Breech Birth • Manifesting and Undisturbed Placenta Birth • Labor Strategies and Theories of Pain • How to Get Awesome Photos and Video of Your Birth • When Waters Open Before Labor

Labor and Birth

Nourishing Your Natural Pregnancy • Intuition as Authoritative Knowledge • Wise Woman Model of Care • Finding a Midwife • Figuring Out Your Guess Date • Teratogens • Essential Nutrition for Pregnancy • Different Diet Types • Early Pregnancy Testing Options • DIY Prenatal Care • Connecting With Your Baby • What is “Risk” • How to Be an Awesome Partner in Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond • Sex in Pregnancy • Gestational Diabetes • Perspectives on Ultrasound • The Many, Many Testing Choices in Pregnancy • Belly Mapping • Rhogam and Being Rh Negative • Group B Strep (GBS) • Postdates• VBAC/HBAC


Placenta Options • The Varied Postpartum Landscape • Newborn Choices • When Birth Doesn’t Go As Planned : Trauma and Transport • Preparing for the Postpartum • Postpartum Herbs;“Babies Suck” – All About Breastfeeding! • Postpartum Practices Around the World • Circumcision • Pelvic Floor Health After Birth • Newborn Sleep • Postpartum Return to Fertility • Postpartum Sex • The First Few Weeks After Birth; What is Normal ; Sexuality After Childbirth


Fertility Awareness • Vaginal Steaming • Partner Preparation for Pregnancy • Spirituality & Emotional Preparation for Pregnancy • Self-care for Hormonal Health • Miscarriage and Loss

Preparing for Pregnancy

(and are covered in our 13 Moons Course)

Topics We Can Cover In Depth Together


Single Session

Each visit (can be used for prenatal and postpartum visits) is 60 minutes long and tailored to your preferences and where you’re at in your journey, be it pre-conception, pregnancy or the postpartum. You are welcome to choose to work with Maryn or Margo. 

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"I was in charge of my own care and the direction my pregnancy and birth went. Even when I tried to get Maryn to tell me what to do, she put the ball back in my court and helped guide me to make my own decisions. My sixth son was born at home, on a peaceful day in September. Maryn was in-tune to my needs as my labor progressed and arrived at my home in time to help me during the transitional stage of labor. She stayed with me to make sure my son was nursing and I was fed and whole."


"Until you have had an undisturbed birth of your own it’s impossible to describe how important the work that Indie Birth doing is. Indie birth is more than midwifery care it is an opportunity for women to really tune in, know their baby in the womb, trust in their body and themselves throughout the pregnancy and into birth and motherhood. Maryn and the midwives of Indie Birth provided me the tools (hands) and the personal support for me to go into birth without fear, without unnecessary intervention and with total love and trust for myself and my baby as we were finding power and connection in an undisturbed and well supported birth."


"Margo was present with me for the birth of my first child. I could not have asked for more soulful, loving, empowering and excellent guidance and care getting ready for birth. She is smart, well studied, passionate and one of the kindest people I know. I also love her honesty and sense of humor but those are just a bonus…Never does my sons birthday pass when I don’t think of Margo and the angel that she was to me at the time of my greatest need for support. You could not make a better choice of a wise woman to assist and support you in birth."


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