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What the Infertility Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know: A Look at the Pregnancy Miracle

July 5, 2010

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The infertility industry is a billion dollar business. With single IVF cycles costing upwards of $12,000, it’s a HUGE profit making enterprise.

So what if there was a way for women who need help getting pregnant… to do it without drugs, IVF, IUI or surgery? What if there was a way to overcome infertility and get pregnant without the risks and side effects that can come along with all of the western medical procedures?

What if there was a resource that could teach you how to get pregnant quickly and naturally… within 2 months?

That’s exactly the claim made by Lisa Olson, author of a book called The Pregnancy Miracle. It’s a downloadable e-book that you can get and start readying immediately.

I Was Skeptical…

Frankly, I thought the claims about the book were a bit over the top when I first saw their website. So I purchased my own copy and read through it.

And I have to tell you, I was extremely impressed with both the quality of the information and just how comprehensive the guide is. This is a great resource for women who want help getting pregnant.

I’m a midwife and I know a lot about fertility. So I know when someone knows what they’re talking about and when they’re clueless.

I absolutely promise that not only is this manual easy to read, but its core focus is right on. The author offers great advice: listen to your body, keep your own fertility charts and be empowered and in charge about what comes next.

She educates and inspires you reader to correct any health imbalances, from detailed information on fasting and cleansing, to intricate details of chinese medicine that will appeal to those that like to self-treat (it’s also just as easy to get an idea of what your imbalance might be, and then go see a good acupuncturist to confirm and treat.)

The Fact is, Your Body Was MADE to Birth! Balance is Key.

Creating this crucial balance in the body can solve not only fertility problems, but menstrual and hormonal problems as well. She also talks about seemingly unrelated issues, like preterm birth. As Lisa explains (and as I agree), women that experience preterm births are often just as imbalanced as those that experience infertility and miscarriage. That was fascinating to me, to consider preterm birth as a variation of infertility.

At first it sounds strange, but if you read about Chinese Medicine and how the different body systems are affected (in pregnancy, infertility, etc.), you will understand how one imbalance can create a multitude of problems.

You’re Not Going to Get This Information from Your Doctor!

Do NOT think your average fertility doc is going to know or spend time on any of the possible solutions; they just aren’t. They’re stuck in the mindset of Western medicine. For example, do you know what supplements may hinder or help fertility? Every woman owes it to herself to take charge of this process. This book will give you the tools and encouragement to do so.

Read the Success Stories

I really have no idea if the Pregnancy Miracle is right for you. But if you need help getting pregnant and are frustrated or angry with all of the things you’ve tried that haven’t worked, then get this book.

Considering the book is less than $50 (so you could buy over 200 copies for the price of ONE IVF cycle), don’t you think you owe it to your dream of being a mother to at least investigate this as an option?

Of course you do.

Plus, it’s 100% guaranteed, so if you don’t like it you can get a refund.

Also be sure to read Lisa’s story about how she battled with infertility for over 10 years before she stumbled onto the system she reveals in her book.

Why This Might Not Be Right For You

The Pregnancy Miracle is NOT for women that desire an easier fix (if it really can be seen as “easier”) by the Western medicine world. Putting the plan of balancing the body and educating the mind into action requires commitment and fortitude. Simply said, Pregnancy MiracleTM is for women wanting to accept responsibility for and participate in their healthcare, their overall wellness, and of course, their fertility.

If you want to feel powerful and take charge, this book can help you do it.

No matter what you decide, I truly wish you the best in pursuing your dream of a beautiful child!

Click here to get more information about the Pregnancy Miracle.

Read This If You Think You’re “Too Old” To Get Pregnant

Two particular points of encouragement and interest that are discussed in this book are age and fertility and some new fertility technology. Anyone deemed “old” by the medical world will find solace in this book! Chinese medicine, in particular, does not cite “old age” as a fertility deterrent!

Again, it is all about balance. The older a woman is, the more likely it is that her hormones are a bit off, therefore causing problems with the reproductive system. At the very least, those women just beginning to struggle with infertility (and definitely those getting ready to conceive) need to read this book and get cracking.

Secondly, the information that was new to me (as a midwife that deals with these issues regularly!) was absolutely fascinating! Did you know that, besides your cyclical ovulation each month, there is another opportunity for conception, based on the lunar cycle? I am a fertility awareness nut and I was pleased to have this other method of fertility awareness be news to me! In addition, the author does discuss technologies such as spit tests for detecting ovulation and newer tools like the home sperm test.

If you are planning on becoming pregnant or are actually trying, you must read this book. And in the case of running into any problems “achieving”, you must read this. It will empower you, give you hope AND plenty of information and ideas to research and implement.

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  1. Kashararoberson says:

    why i can not have a child i have a four yr old and i want to have another child but not work

  2. Boxer Mizer says:

    I have come across this link on the internet several times in my quest to figure out how to become pregnant. However, the format of this website didn’t look trustworthy to me. Can you confirm that you trust this website, the information available and that its worth the money?

  3. Maryn Leister says:

    Yes, this website is reliable and I would and do recommend this book. It’s a great resource for becoming pregnant and/or infertility. Best wishes!

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