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Ergo Baby Carrier Review

July 9, 2010

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Below is my review of the Ergo baby carrier (ERGObaby carrier)…

Enter the Ergo baby carrier. I wonder constantly why I didn’t happen upon this one sooner–but I don’t mind in a way, because I can fully appreciate it in all it’s wonderful-ness very fully, right now! I’ve seen the Ergo baby carrier in action–several friends, down to my sister (who has, in the last few years, become quite a sling connoisseur herself) say that this is their absolute favorite.

They love the versatility, not only in positioning but in use with kids of different ages. I can totally appreciate that now as well, as even walking around my house, I have come to putting the toddler in the Ergo baby carrier on my back while carrying or slinging the newborn. Wow! The Ergo is top-of-the-line sturdy, without being bulky and heavy. Extremely well-made, there is not another carrier out there that I have found that is more comfortable on my body.

I feel completely balanced with it on, no matter the position. Plus, at this point, the sort of classic, rugged style is exactly what I need and want (I have a simple, beige colored one–there are more ornate, decorated versions available). Completely practical and fashionable in design and function, I can hardly ask for anything else.

The best part is, even though a newborn gets carried in a vertical position, Ergo has gone to extremes to make this comfortable and physically healthy for the baby. Being sensitive to baby’s neck and leg development, they developed the Ergo infant insert which is a godsend. If it were possible to use the Ergo without this insert, (they of course don’t recommend that), I’d be back to my days of the Baby Bjorn.

It just wouldn’t work that well, making it kind of obsolete for new babies. But the insert is really cool; it’s this little cotton bed with kind of a “seat” on it for the baby’s bottom. You wrap baby in the bed and Baby kind of rests her bottom on the seat, with her legs able to be folded in her natural baby position (not too open, or splayed; bad for hip development). The Ergo infant insert keeps the rest of her body from sliding around the carrier, and just provides extra support and cushion.

The minute I put my 4 week old daughter in it, it acted as a sedative! Within minutes her eyes were closed, and she was snug between the insert in the carrier and my body. Best of all, there is virtually no way her head can roll around or that she can fall out (unless of course I stand on my head:) while I attend to a toddler, or pick him up off the floor.

Another bonus of the Ergo is the fact that someone other than me can wear it ( all my other slings were sized for me). Today, I took all 5 kids to the library by myself, and found out that it’s also pretty simple to nurse in the carrier, which was a good thing because it made more sense to just keep baby where she was as I was still running around after everybody else.

Thank you, Ergo! You are exactly what I need to be able to be the mama I want to be to this wonderful and special fifth child. It would be easy to put her down while I cook meals and take care of everyone else, but I am so grateful that I don’t need to do that.

She is receiving the closeness and love that I believe babies need; nothing more really, than their mama’s skin. And last but not least, I feel really comfortable having her in the Ergo baby carrier while I attend homebirths. Acting as the midwife now, and not the assistant, I need to feel like I can take care of the laboring mama AND my baby. I think the Ergo will be the perfect solution when baby needs to be held, because I really will have my hands completely free (and most likely have a quiet, sleeping baby on me to boot:).

It’s been a trip through motherhood so far; and thanks to my slings and carriers, babyhood, at least, has been pretty seamless. Makes it pretty clear why other cultures have always, and still do, keep their babies and young children as close by as their own body.

It’s the natural thing to do. And with so many options, there really is a match for every mama and baby. So, if and when there is ever a sixth baby in our future, I know I will come across just the right thing….

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  1. Marybeth says:

    This is all so very true! It's the best of the best.

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