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I Can't Afford a Homebirth and Other Money Issues


First Babies Can Fall Out But Often They Don't

Taking Back Birth

Are You a Birth Witch?


How We Named 
Our Babies



Here is a recent newsletter I sent out 🙂 Hello Birth Friends, Big news! Or a few big points of news perhaps. The first really huge announcement is that we now have up to 12 month payment plans available for both our Birth Warrior Project and the Indie Birth Midwifery School program. In the past […]

We’re going to Ecuador!


I had a thought today amidst my Indie Birth work (I was listening to a woman share her ideas about how to create a birth revolution in her community) and though it wasn’t a new thought for me, it felt like the first time I’ve been able to capture it in a way that I […]

Recipe for the Revolution


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The story that comes below is written by Sarah, a beautiful Indie Birth mama and beloved virtual midwifery client. She is so brave, and smart, and cool, and I just love her so much! I hope you find her words, photos and birth video as inspiring as I do. – Margo …………………… My partner and […]

The Amazing Freebirth of Makiling and a Tale of Virtual Midwifery

Unassisted Birth

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Hello Birth Friends, Margo here! Let’s talk about radical ways of relating to money and economy. I’ve been learning and thinking a lot about money for a long time, but especially the last few years as my family shifted to me being pretty much the sole income provider. Manifesting, budgeting, self worth, abundance mindset, I’ve […]

Thoughts About Gift Economy


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“My name’s XYZ and I’m from XYZ. I’m really interested in becoming a midwife after being a doula for a few years now but have some questions regarding taking the course here. Would I be able to receive clients here in XYZ? Which countries accept the credentials of this course?” We get emails like this […]

Stop Getting Ahead of Yourself


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Unpopular opinion of the day. You don’t need permission to be who you are. You don’t need anyone’s blessing. You don’t need approval from us, even if you’re our doula or midwifery student. Just because you have a teacher doesn’t mean that teacher controls your self expression. We are all students. We are all teachers. […]

Powerful Women Do Not Need Certificates

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An edited transcript from one of Margo’s Live Youtube Sessions Talking about Midwifery Skills, Persecution, Licensing, Emotional Work and More! You can watch the video here, or read all the good stuff below. ———— So today is Sunday, February 21st, 2021. So 02-21-2021. I didn’t even think of that until just this moment. That’s a […]

Rejecting Licensure and Finding Your Own Self Worth


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An hour before birth, I still was not sure this was “it” because I was not experiencing pain. 10 minutes before, I knew she was in position to be born even though I was not pushing at all. All of the sudden, her head emerged in one strong fetal ejection reflex contraction, before I could […]

The Birth of Cove River

Birth Videos

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