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We Are Transphobic

May 2, 2024

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We are mamas and birth workers who decided to do birth differently– and bring others along with us. We are kind, fun to work with, and great at (lovingly) calling people on their bullshit. With 12 children and 20 years of midwifery between us, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way, and Indie Birth is our space to share it all with you.


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We are “transphobic”.

I don’t even know what that means, since I am not afraid of any group of people, but we have been accused over the years.

I love that, actually, as it gives me the opportunity to really be clear about what I believe, and who our Indie Birth Midwifery School is actually for.

It is NOT for people that want to further their Matrix agenda of hate and division in the million ways that we have been programmed to. We will not use or force language, and there is no such thing as “chest feeding”; it’s breastfeeding, and this is what biological women do to feed their species.

Men do not birth. It’s that simple.

I have compassion and concern for those caught in the middle; people have become very confused, many without the wisdom and life experience yet to see what the agenda REALLY is. Like so many agendas, it is to force power and control and to make a transhuman/non-human race that is devoid of spirituality, specifically the energies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine which are the beautiful balancers of this entire cosmos.

I will always sit in support of the magic of our biology and the beauty and mystery of being a woman and supporting women.

So, as silly as it once seemed to write about such a thing, today’s the day.

We are not selling out to the pressure, or the fake political correctness that many have; namely, the CPM credential (this is a huge part of why I gave this certification back to them a few years ago) and also MEAC which is the midwifery education accreditation council.

Yuck, yuck and yuck. Brainwashing.

I will not have any ties or connections to this agenda. Yet, our community of women is strong in connection, belief and creating the future we DO want to see.

We remain free of that programming that’s prevalent even in midwifery now; we remain strong and true to our beliefs and will continue to educate our students in the Wise Woman model.

PS. thanks to our Indie Birth Midwifery School students and the credit for bringing this topic to our weekly meeting today. Our weekly student meetings are one huge perk of being an enrolled student or alumni with us.

Our enrollment window closes this Summer.


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Here’s a small sample of the support we’ve received since writing this message:

Yes!!! Bravo! And shout it from the rooftops. We also aren’t birthing people.

I’m not one to respond to newsletters and the such but I felt compelled to for this topic you so eloquently stated.

Thank you!


Thank you for sending this out. Well said. Compassionate and wise with out compromising on the truth. 


Thank you for this piece. It resonates with me in so many ways. I just recently interviewed with National Midwifery Institute and have not enrolled for this very reason. The first 15-20 minutes of the interview went over their DEI policies and how birthing people must be addressed, etc. I refuse to call a mother a “birthing person”.  She is a mom, a mother, and a WOMAN. I can’t figure out why all the DEI language and talk makes my hair stand on end and causes immediate anger to well up inside me, but it does. Nothing in the interview talked about their policies relating to compassion and providing holistic, woman centered care. Nothing about how bearing witness to women birthing in their own power has the potential to improve birth outcomes and empower mothers. Nothing in the interview asked why I wanted to be a birth worker. It focused mainly on the necessary personal sacrifices involved in midwifery and DEI. She even outlined that the midwife I apprenticed with would need to complete a number of hours of DEI training in order to be a viable option for my apprenticeship! 


We live in XXXX where our birth options are limited, at best, and the need for midwifery care is great. Shouldn’t a program that seeks to increase the number of midwives available in all areas be bending over backwards to encourage aspiring midwives? Inventing further road blocks seems counterintuitive and counterproductive to me. Unfortunately, common sense seems to be not so common any more. 

A friend who is also pursuing birth work was just complaining to me about the bureaucratic red tape and the loss of the “why” in conventional CPM programs. The world has become so fraught with regulations and restrictions that we have forgotten the goal of our endeavors in the first place. 

Thank you for offering a breath of fresh air. Thank you for offering an alternative. I enjoy reading your emails immensely. 


THANK YOU for speaking the truth! xo




I love you guys! Thank you for holding your ground and calling this BS out for what it really is❤️❤️❤️


Well said sister


Thank you! I love y’all!


Thank you for this very heartfelt message. I am standing in agreement with you. Thanks for all you do. Sending love and appreciation!


I love this, just because you do not agree to the propaganda or agendas of others doesn’t mean you are any kinda ‘phobic’, it means you understand the delicate balance of nature and its divine and intended purpose and I support you and thank you for that. if you don’t stand for some thing, you will fall for any thing.

I’m a long-time silent follower of your work. I’ve been a doula and midwife assistant for the last 10 years and birth comes again and again into my life, even when I feel too busy for it. I have not yet invested in your excellent courses or offerings (having a husband in grad school means money is tight!) but I so appreciate what you offer the world. 

I just wanted to reply to this particular email you sent out and say THANK YOU. It takes courage and clarity of thought, integrity and introspection, to be able to clearly articulate this truth, so unfortunately divisive right now. Standing clearly in support of the divine feminine, the divine masculine, is key to balance in everything else. 

Anyway. Hopefully you see this message. I’m cheering for you.


Thank You, Thank You.

As a new Doula, I wondered how this topic would be discussed.
 I would love to attend your school to become a Midwife and especially 
under your wings. 


Thank you for speaking out on this Maryn, and standing strong in the face of this ridiculous agenda!


Thank you for stating the very obvious fact that men with male biology and chromosomes DO NOT give birth! The only male specie I know that does give birth is a male seahorse! Humans aren’t seahorses!


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You continue to amaze me and I highly respect you. 


I felt pulled to tell you how seen and heard I felt reading your newsletter this morning. There was no skimming through. It was subtly loud and brilliant. I didn’t know if I could share it and how I would go about it. It was so well written and sparked a lot of feelings inside of me. 

The midwifery who supported my two births (2 and 4 years ago) now only serves the trans and minority communities. They themselves are transgender and weren’t at the time of my births (although I knew thats the journey they were on). It’s a little strange well a lot strange to be honest to be seeing this unfold. From “chestfeeding” to “birthing person” it’s the language they speak and the people they support. It’s triggering actually to the point I had to unfollow them and disassociate creating a boundary for myself. I digress but THANK YOU for speaking your truth and taking off the armor on this topic that I believe so many of us feel strongly about ❤️

Now that I’m in birthwork as a doula I’ve had to ground myself in my beliefs even more from who I want to support and how I’m putting myself out there. It can be overwhelming and scary knowing you’re going against the “matrix agenda.” 

Thank you again for all you offer, speak and put out into the world. 

Love it. ♥️


Well stated and very empowering Thank YOU for speaking up, standing up and not being afraid to stand out It’s interesting times we are living in #RiseoftheDivineFeminine ✨️


So happy that you stand behind your values and G-ds values!
As a religious Jewish woman it really bothers me that the western world has thrown out so many religious values (I believe Christians and Muslims share many of the same core values) in the name of being “politically correct”. The way so many people accept behaviour that is against the values G-D gave us, just because “we have to accept everyone”

When people go against the purpose that they were created for, so to say they aren’t happy with the way G-d created them. When people create their own value system then concepts of what’s Right & Wrong/ Good & Bad get mixed up and the results are really sad, to what extent ? We can learn from word history. One example is the fall of the Roman Empire, any historian will tell you that the empire didn’t fall because of war from stronger armies, but crumbled from inside (Men married men…). 
You’re amazing for saying the truth!


Thank you for speaking your truth.  It is a line I’ve tried to find a good balance to support the people I love but also honor myself as a woman.  This is all said and I’m glad too continue to support your organization.


Much love Maryn, you are amazing and this is THE TRUTH!
You are blessed and powerful, stay the course mama!


Thank you VERY MUCH Maryn for being clear about this!!!


I totally agree with you! I am very disappointed in the majority of the midwifery community for siding with the trans and covid vaccination agendas, two issues that go against the basic principles that midwifery was born out of: supporting biology and medical autonomy. It seems like insanity 😭!

God bless you! 



This right here was ultimately why I went with Indie Birth. I too intend to be just as frank in my business.



I love that you send emails like this, and I get to receive them. All I have to say is FUCK YEAH!!! 

Thant you for speaking up and standing your ground. The Trans movement is taking away from real women and is the ultimate form of misogyny and stealing women’s rights. holiness and dignity.

I am a WOMAN and I have birthed 7 babies and it is my crown! I have breast fed them from my body and I menstruate to the moon every month. No man can do that.

Compassion for them yes yes yes but I will not join the agenda and embrace what is against Divine order of the universe. Every mammal on earth is either male or female….. whose crazy idea was it anyway to try and cancel that out?

No thanks,

And thank you for being brave and saying what even children and animals know to be true.

Good for y’all! I am happy and not surprised at Indie Birth taking this stand. Women birth, women breastfeed. It’s biological reality not hate or fear. 

Yes! Thank you for telling it like it is and not bowing to the pressure of the misguided!

So appreciated!


Saluting you in the truth ✨


I just had to respond and say THANK YOU. For writing this and standing strong! What a fight it is to truly honor women and their divine roles! 

I am continually inspired by the cause and mission of Indie Birth!


AMEN! Well said, sister!


YES!!! Beautifully said!! Thank you for speaking this into the world. I’m so grateful for you. After a C-section, then a hospital VBAC, you guys helped me feel empowered to have a home birth. I did your pay what you can birth course (which I’m super thankful for as my husband is getting his PhD and we have had VERY limited finances). I had a wonderful Home birth with a traditional midwife last March, and I just found out I’m pregnant again! Looking forward to our next home birth. 

Keep speaking truth!! 

Thank you for this statement!


I applaud you! 🙏🏼✨🤍


I so appreciate your stance on this and your decision to be completely transparent about it. 

The distinct natures of the masculine and the feminine are central to the cosmos and I’ve got to thank you for speaking the truth. 


A friend sent me your newsletter where you spoke about “transphobia”. Speak it sister!!

I do women’s health / pelvic health / womb work.

So many birth workers have drank the koolaid and erase the word woman, breast, breastfeeding. It’s truly horrifying.

I embrace all identities with love and compassion. And concern for our children. I believe part of the agenda is to sterilize our queer youth.

Anyhow do you do doula and midwifery trainings? I want people to refer to. Where are you based?


Love this, that’s a huge reason why I chose IBMS over accredited schools—they all use the compelled speech. 


Oh goodness. Thank you for this email. It it addresses what many of us are feeling.   I almost didn’t open it to read it.  I read the title and rolled my eyes . Hear we go again.. someone else telling me I’m a horrible person even though I know my heart is wide open.  


Thank you for writing this. 

It is so very important to express this in such a beautiful clear way.

It is appreciated.


Totally agree with you! Good for you for speaking up about this. The phrase “birthing person” makes me cringe! (I’m a doula, and honestly not sure how it got on this email list. 😂) Hope you have a lovely day! 


Thank you. I am grateful beyond measure. 


I’m in Canada where this agenda permeates every aspect of our lives. The (exclusive wrapped up as inclusive) indoctrination begins in preschool. It’s relentless confusion and compelled speech with daily ‘preferred pronoun‘ requests orally and on each and every form.  

Lies about how one can medically and transition to fix the mental health issues created by the confusion and special ‘othering’. 

To make matters darker here, adults can ONLY affirm the confusion. Encouraging a child to learn about actual biology and to love their body is considered conversion therapy.  The gender confusion must be ‘affirmed’; it is illegal to do otherwise.

Parents live in fear of having their children taken from them and the authorities coerce and blackmail CHILDREN knowing they cannot offer informed consent. 

I’ve only been back in Canada for 2 years and it feels like being hit by a dump truck. 

I had NO idea what my youngest would endure as she completed her final two years of highschool here. This was a choice because she wanted to be in a professional dance program that requires attendance at the local academic school. 

Our older three didn’t attend bricks and mortar schools until university and even they now seem fully on board with the transhuman agenda. It’s a pretty dark place to be as a woman who delighted in motherhood and grew INTO—rather away from—Devine Feminine Energy. 

Anyhow, long story short:  I needed this email today. Thank you. I feel encouraged and slightly less alone with my ‘unacceptable’ views that boys grow up to be men, girls grow up to be women and the rare babies born intersex need additional support to adjust to the challenges of their reality and can be guided to choose their path once they are CONSENTING ADULTS. 


THIS! I’m not a midwife, and I am years past breastfeeding my little one, but I feel what you are saying here and am thankful to read these words. Thank you for such a poignant statement and for being open to share it. 


Bravo 👏🏽 -a midwife sister


Love this. It takes eyes to see the agenda- so many need help piecing it all together because the media is very good at marketing their agenda


Could not agree more!!  I recently helped with a CPM test as a pretend client and they are all about the correct language and hitting the right current buzzwords.  It’s really sad.


I just want to say thank you for this. We are truly living in such a wild time and reclaiming our womanhood is so desperately needed.

Love and light,


Thank you for standing strong for your beliefs. Don’t be discharged by any hit this causes. ❤️‍🩹


THANK YOU for this
It is SO refreshing and I am with you 100%. 

Big love


Thank you!!
I saw a midwife and she asked my pronouns, and I was taken back because she was claiming to be holistic and family oriented. My husband also felt wrong about it. I didn’t even know before that situation, that it was also in the midwife circle. I decided to let her go as I didn’t want her confused energy around my birth. So thank you again. I am in awe of all the great work you do and all in the inspiration you’ve given me in birth and living my true life. ❤


THANK YOU for speaking on this!!!!


THANK YOU SO MUCH for this email and for speaking TRUTH. This was an amazing thing to read first thing this morning. I appreciate anyone, especially business owners for the risk they face in being “cancelled”, for taking a stand speaking the TRUTH.

You have my support and admiration.

Thank you for what you’re doing.


Beautifully said, thank you so much for saying it!


Just want to say thank you for sharing this and standing strong and for being such a stand for women!!! This email is amazing and you both are the best! I’m honored to be part of the postpartum cert and hopefully one day the midwifery program! 


So. Much. Respect. 
Thank you for your email. I’m sure it will come with hate mail but let me be one that says thank you for holding the line for women given birth and women feeding their babies and women being honored for their role as mother. The threat of being reduced to nothing more than a uterus is very real and we need more women like you to stand up for women in the birth space and beyond. 
Thank you for speaking truth. 


Thank you for this email!

Exactly how I feel and I was in shock when I took my lactation educator course with **** 2 years ago and they started using these terms.

I actually stopped the educator and asked what chest feeding is as I’m not part of the birth world- I took this course as I’m a practicing myofunctional therapist who wanted to better understand the mechanics of breast feeding as I have no children of my own at this time.

Thank you for speaking up as of speaking the truth,


I cried reading this. Thank you! I’m 19 weeks pregnant and struggling to find a midwife in my area who hasn’t erased all language of “woman” and “mother” from her website.

It’s so important to me that the lineage of women, the feminine and female bodies be honored and preserved. Erasing the in the name of  “inclusivity” is so not okay in my book.

Thank you for being a light in these times.


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