Creating the Space: How to Manifest an Undisturbed Third Stage

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We can trust women to birth the baby but then it seems all trust flies out the window; many midwives are taught to “get the placenta OUT!” (either with force or more “gentle” manuevers) and in general there is a feeling of palpable fear in the room around this whole placenta-coming-out thing.

Even women planning freebirths often have no idea what happens next; I’ve heard stories of women waiting 70 hours for a placenta when it’s sitting inside their body, because there is no connection to inner knowledge and wisdom around this part of birth.

In this class, I want to lead you through why this disturbed third stage is the norm at most homebirths; and more importantly, if this is NOT a model you want to continue to follow, (ie; you want to move beyond the routine tugging, touching, pulling that you were taught) and what to do about it! We are going to investigate where these practices came from that keep us from allowing placenta birth as we allow baby birth.

ever wondered why the energy in the room changes so much after birth?

Creating the Space: Manifesting an Undisturbed Third Stage

We have just the thing for you...

We are bringing awareness to this often neglected part of birth. 

We have forgotten how to honor women and babies as they birth the placenta, together.

We have collectively forgotten

This class is perfect for all the mamas who want to OWN this part of their birth. You will come away with the knowledge and confidence to create the space for yourself.


This class is for all the midwives out here who want to intentionally “do less” during the birth of the placenta, and teach their clients how to own this part of the birth experience


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