Doula Dreams:
Deciding if the Path is Right For You

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Perhaps you had an incredible doula by your side when you gave birth, and now you want to serve in the same way.

Or maybe it's the opposite! -- and you felt unsupported and now you want to be there for other women so they don't have to feel the same.

Or maybe you haven't given birth yet, but you just know deep down that this sacred work is calling you (we've been there!).

Whatever brings you to this page, welcome dear sister. Whether you become a doula or not, we honor that you have been drawn to supporting other women in some capacity, and sincerely hope you follow this thread wherever it leads you. Our world needs you now, more than ever!

That is why we are passionate about serving up revolutionary content for aspiring doulas. Doula Dreams is a concise tool to help you figure out what is pulling you to this path, and where to take that curiosity next. If you are ready to spend some time exploring the doula path and your own heart, enroll in this mini-course today (the course can reasonably completed in a week).

we talk with women every day who want to become doulas, but aren't sure how

Doula Dreams: Deciding if the Path is Right For You

We have just the thing for you...

We will help you listen to your heart and determine your next steps!

We talk with so many women who are drawn to doula work but feel confused. 

Birth is awesome right?

This class is perfect for anyone who has just recently discovered what a doula is (we've been there!) and wants to save time and energy to cut to the chase, and get the information they need so they can decide if this path might be right for them.

The "Doula curious"

If you have been bitten by the birth bug, and you think that you want to become a doula, and you aren't sure if you're ready to commit to a training, or aren't sure WHICH training will be the best fit for you, this course if for YOU, my friend.

Aspiring Doulas

Who is this course for?

"Don't just sign up for any weekend training!!"

"This was an extremely effective way of asking the essential questions before embarking on this path. I felt really inspired by the course and the support that was offered and I recommend this to anyone considering becoming a Doula - don't just sign up for any weekend training!! This will help you understand the depth and breadth of support you'll need before spending (/wasting) your money on a training that will get you closer to certification but not closer to being the doula women NEED. Thanks for having me!"

— Elessar

"The women leading this course share their knowledge so authentically

If you have any concerns or doubts about being a doula this course will definitely give you the information needed to help you clarify if this work is for you. This course helped guide me in figuring out why I felt called to do this work, the impact birth workers have on the world, and how to get involved. The women leading this course share their knowledge and experience so authentically and I could tell they really want to provide the best information for us in making our decisions. 

— Gianna

"There is a reason I love Indie Birth and really value their outlook on all birth topics"

I really enjoyed this short course! It felt very helpful in giving me a better idea of what being a doula really means, and a really great way to help you decide if this is a path you want to take before jumping right into a more in depth doula course. I have taken a weekend doula training course in the past and left feeling not very excited. It had a lot to do with logistics and really left out the heart and emotional aspect. There is a reason I love Indie Birth and really value their outlook on all birth topics."

— aspen

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