If you want to step into your power as a man, this is a journey that will lead you there...

what no one ever told you about how to prepare for the birth of your child at home

My name is Jason. I'm the husband of Maryn, founder of Indie Birth.

My son Egan was born at home on September 21, 2004.

To be blunt: I was scared to death. It was the very first child we had at home and I didn't know what to expect.

Before that event, I lived my life according to the "rules" I had been taught to follow. Safety was my goal, even at the expense of my freedom. 

Self-responsibility and living based on my own Will and Intention were completely uncharted areas. My "Straight-A" self had no interest in doing anything that was not the "normal" and accepted way of doing them.

I was living a powerless life. I was a child in the physical body of a man.

Having children made me a father, but taking the journey of homebirth made me a man

initiation into manhood has been removed from our culture to keep men scared, angry and ineffective. supporting the mother of your child in birth at home will reconnect you with your power in a way that will transform you forever. you will no longer be forced to "deal" with your reality, you will claim your power to  create it.

NOTE: A new version of you will emerge on the other side of this event.

The journey that began the day my son was born has created a transformation of life that continues to this day. And now, after the birth of my 10th child, I want to share my journey with you in an effort to help prepare you for your own.


A new vision for what it means to be a man, and why the system has done everything in its power to keep you from discovering this.


How to move through any fear and understand the conditioning of your past that is keeping you from accessing your true power.


Why a mother would choose to birth at home and how to truly support a woman during birth.


you will discover...

This class is focused on preparing you mentally, physically and emotionally to be a powerful and steadfast presence during the birth of your child at home. 

A Dad's Guide to Preparing For a Homebirth: What To Know, What To Do, and How to Support the Mother of Your Child


Having already initiated the deep transformational work, we will focus on what happens, what you're "supposed to do" doing the birth, what you can expect as everything develops  and which expectations are best to let go. We'll talk about money, how to deal with friends and family who might think you're "crazy" and any other practical concerns you have.


We'll focus on the biggest obstacles that interfere with your ability to be fully present. We'll work through fears and how to keep any unresolved issues from interfering with the miracle of birthing at home.


We'll take a close look at why a woman might choose a homebirth and why a man may/may not not feel good about it. We'll look at your role in homebirth and how can focus your greatest gifts as a man to fully support your partner and child.


What’s Inside?

An overview of the EVENT

At their core, women know what they want and need. In birth, we as men get the opportunity to create the environment they require to connect with that knowing and use it to bring forth life. There is no other priority.

You will have unlimited access to the course materials for as long as we continue to offer it! This means you can come back to it again as many times as you choose.

How long will I have access?


Is this a self-paced course?

This course is all online, so you need an internet connection and a computer or phone.

What do I need to participate?

You will be enrolled to immediately receive a recording of the class. 

What happens when I enroll?

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know what YOU were taught about being a real man, but I wasn't taught anything. In fact, I was taught less than nothing because I was fed with a whole bunch of B.S. about what it was supposed to mean.

I found out it was B.S. because I saw that none of it was actually helpful to the woman who was birthing my children.

If you're easily offended or have strong and rigid belief structures you are not willing to closely examine, this journey is probably just going to frustrate you, annoy you or plain old piss you off.

This journey may not be for you if...


If you are interested in learning from my experience over the course of having ten children to help you prepare for the home birth of your own child, then enroll in the Dad's Guide to Preparing For a Homebirth.

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