MONDAY April 29 2024 - 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern

Diving into ancestral patterns and wounding can give us answers when we need them, it can give us comfort too, and compassion. Going deep into these ancient memories can also help us understand our own births; making sense of the idea that some traumas or memories we hold are not “ours”; they simply have been passed down, like the way a river moves water from one place to another. 

Join Me For the Next Wisdom Teaching Circle:

Ancestral Wisdom, Trauma and Healing


Journey with me, Maryn Green, to explore the deeper layers of what the prenatal time has to offer us...

During each Wisdom Teaching Circle, I will lead a session focusing on a specific topic of Pregnancy Care; from common conversations like nutrition during pregnancy, to working through fears to the more esoteric and spiritual topics as well.

I will share my counseling skills, somatic knowledge, and extensive wisdom around having supported pregnant women through thousands of prenatal appointments. 

Receive the wisdom and experience gained from 15 years of supporting pregnant women and over 20 years as a mother.

Reserve your spot for this event for $29. You will receive the link for the live class AND a recording in case you can't make it live. 

This circle is great for: pregnant mamas, one-day pregnant mamas, any kind of birth worker or person that supports pregnant women and anyone that is interested in learning more about the deep, rich way that I have learned to support pregnancy.

Learn the sacred wise woman art of crafting prenatal care that is rooted in community and supports each woman in following her own inner guidance system.  

In my 15 years as a midwife, I have seen first hand, time and time again the sacred magic that exists during the prenatal time for those who have the understanding and support to receive its wisdom.

I am creating this circle to call in those who are ready to join me on a mission. A mission to redefine prenatal care for the benefit of the coming generations of women and their children.

The magic will first be passed to you, just as it was passed to me. And from there, you will spread it throughout your community and into the world where it will transform the experience women have during their pregnancy.

The time has come for us to restore our work of guiding the mother through her period of rebirth in the days and weeks leading up to the birth of her child.

SIT with WOMEN in a way that NOURISHES your soul and theirs. 

In making space to explore our own inner landscape and in guiding others back to themselves, we pave the way for a new way of being as women, mothers, and healers. 

Building and nourishing healthy relationships is the new paradigm. 

Navigating fears, living in truth, releasing trauma, redefining ourselves and embodiment are all parts of the shift.

We are one family, each little win in each of us, each time we tap into heart-centered care, adds up to this collective shift we are creating. 

Move in the direction of your soul in walking with us in this pregnancy care circle. 

Lift each other up, connect deeply, learn from one another, create lifelong friendships, give and receive love,  be a beacon of change in how we care for ourselves, and how we care for each other in pregnancy. 

a Warm, inviting space meant to be a catalyst for your own deeper exploration of the inner experience of pregnancy over the weeks and months together. 

During the Circle we will:

Like a Virtual Village Prenatal

Connect with the vital nature of the prenatal period. Develop a deep understanding of why this time is so physically, emotionally and spiritually important to a woman and her babies health. 

Map the obvious and hidden complexities of the prenatal period. Words can’t truly describe the space in which a mother lives during the days and weeks before birth. 

Discover carious ways to help a mother honor and nourish herself, physically and emotionally, and spiritual through the landscape of pregnancy.

In addition to all of the circle learning and guiding, you’ll also receive other resources for you to explore all kinds of topics related to the childbearing continuum.

 Sit with us in circle, get your questions answered and receive whatever support you need to move forward on your journey.

ENROLL NOw - $29

Prepare for the drastic shifts that can occur in pregnancy. Learning how to  navigate all the things that arise in pregnancy

Explore the connection between the amount and quality of support in the prenatal period and its effects on various challenges during that time. We’ll look at how women are physiologically designed to receive love and support.

Outline that practical aspects of what prenatal care can look and feel like in the many layered journey that is pregnancy.