Somatic education and exploration has changed my life. (You can hear my podcast about it here.)

“Trauma” is simply when our bodies hold the charge (energy) of an event, a memory, a person or thing. Most humans do not know that the charge is THERE, much less how to relate to it. This charge causes pain, other emotional symptoms and dis-ease. 

Life is full of "trauma"; but it's not a bad thing.  Maybe it doesn't even need to be healed, but seen and related to.

"Trauma" is our creative force, bound up in a way that is useless until we see and feel it.

Learning to FEEL our bodies, often with guidance and someone stable holding the container, can allow us to access our own body wisdom. 

This is not “therapy”; and definitely is not talk therapy. This is an opportunity to make time for yourself, to be guided to follow and uncover bodily sensations; and to receive the messages you need vs. the messages your brain and distraught nervous system want to send. 

A "story" may arise (whether that is birth related or not does not matter), but we won't be dealing extensively with the past and past experiences; rather what is living in your body, now, in this moment. 

We can learn to recalibrate and rebalance our nervous systems and allow them to do the job they were meant to do. To protect us when necessary, and to allow us to thrive and live our lives when there is NOT a threat (which is almost always!).

You are not coming to be "fixed" or even healed; you are coming to begin an exploration into the truth you carry within your body, and to take one more step on the journey to make friends with the energy we've been carrying around for most of our lives.

In these sessions, I promise you a steady, stable presence so that YOU can do your own work, and find your sense of safety inside.  There is no result, or specific outcome promised because we will be following your unique body wisdom.  Whatever comes is what comes, and sometimes this simple acceptance makes the session invaluable.

(I completed the Embody Lab Trauma Training in 2024 and am in-process of the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training.)

Sessions are $88 for 40 minutes or 3 sessions for $240. There are a limited number of time slots available. 


Access Your Own Body Wisdom and Connect With the Guidance You Need to Grow

You Can Keep Allowing Your Mind to Run Your Life - or You Can Reconnect With the Truth Already Waiting For You to Discover in Your Body

Working somatically (with Maryn) really helped me drop deeper than my mind, and had me realize that all the questions about the "how" that so easily caught my mind in a spin were actually not the issue at all. -A

I went into our session thinking I just needed to process my last birth. Thank you for helping me see it is a lot bigger than that. I want to get out of head and into my body! Letting my body tell me what it needs vs the other way around feels a lighter. I'm looking forward to this communication. I've never thought of my body as its own entity, but it makes sense. - B

From: Maryn Green

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"Hey! I feel amazing. The discomfort is still somewhat there, but I can feel the energy of my body has shifted. Lighter. More fluid. So much less static in my head as I'm not trying to 'figure everything out'. Just feeling and being open and curious. Thank you for checking in :) and thank you for holding the space and being a safe, sacred place."- D

"I am feeling hopeful and have a renewed sense of curiosity after our conversation. I appreciated the opportunity to be guided into my body and listen to what it has to say. A lot of what you said resonated and perhaps I already knew, but having the conversation gave me a sense of permission and validation for looking at this 'issue' with curiosity and compassion.. and even as a gift (I truly love that!) So I'm kind of just wavering now between how much to simply allow and how much to do 'the work'.. if that makes sense... Anyway I very much appreciate your guidance and reflecting with me." -R

"After my session with Maryn I was equipped with a new awareness of my body. There was a question she asked me that I continued to ask myself through the last months of pregnancy, during the birth of my baby, and am still asking in these first weeks postpartum. It has been a transformative experience using this simple and profound tool to remember things about myself- and what a perfect time to utilize what I find! As always, thank you Maryn, for the genuine love and container to bloom." -H

"I found receiving the Somatic Emotional Release session with Maryn very helpful, as well as educational. Bypassing my mental thinking process on the subject at hand, I was able to directly access how my body was responding. Through the simple processes Maryn guided me to engage in, I was able to actually shift and free up the energy held in that experience. Afterward, I felt freer and also mentally had new perspective on the subject. I found I have since been able to use a version of the process to help me shift stuck energy/emotion on my own. This is a really powerful form of healing! Maryn was a wonderful guide, very respectful and never asserting her interpretations or projections about my experience, but rather always guiding me back to connecting with my own experience or interpretation. I found it very empowering!" -R