A Guided Mentorship for transforming your midwifery practice

Midwifery Magic


We dream of a world where midwives serve in alignment with their Souls...where the unique value they bring to the world is understood, recognized and appreciated... where their connection with Source and their deep relationships with women allow them to help transform the coming generations...in a way the world has never seen before.

If you share our vision for the future of midwifery, then the Midwifery Magic Mentorship will offer the resources, insights, empowerment and community required to help make that vision a reality.

The Sacred Work of Sovereignty, Autonomy, Inner Growth, Getting Clear on What Your Soul is Asking You to Do On This Planet and Getting Paid Abundantly to Do It

What Is MidwiferY Magic all about?

Midwifery Magic members will move through the program in a cohort, and will receive twelve complete lessons on inner work, designed to help you fully grow into a fuller expression of your true self, as well as practical knowledge for getting your work into the world and creating abundance as a result. All members will have lifetime access to this material.

It is our intention to challenge your beliefs, to help you move beyond the obstacles blocking your path and help you see the full possibility of this role as midwife in this sacred calling.

You will also have access to 2 live calls during the 12 week course (which again, you have lifetime access to). You'll also be invited to our special Telegram group. Our previous students have LOVED having this supportive community in their pocket. 


Margo gets into the practical tools and specifics on money management as a midwife, budgeting, saving, and looking at the money stuff as a facet of taking care of yourself, and valuing your own time + skills + energy. 

WEEK 2 : Midwifery & Money

Change where you’re at vibrationally. Incorporate more intentional practices into your care, including your own inner landscape, energy work, tools to go deeper and embody your soul’s voice as a midwife. 

WEEK 1 : Desires, Intentions and Roles

what happens during the program?

"We created Midwifery Magic to help practicing midwives across the world activate and develop their own gifts and abilities and move beyond the current projections of what it means to be a midwife. Our intention is to help you step into your true role as a sacred and spiritual protector of the space. If you are looking for more from your work as a midwife, you are invited to join us on this life changing journey!"

-Maryn and Margo

Build an intentional practice of learning if clients are the right match for you through asking the deep, important questions that weave together the bigger picture. 

WEEK 3 : Client Attraction


Release the past and learn from it. Let go of the old paradigms so that you can practice midwifery in the unique way your soul was called here to. Explore the less traveled path, your path that only you can walk. Get to know where your comfort and boundaries lie, give the responsibility back to woman, and learn how to build deeper, more trusting relationships. 

Comprehensive and inspiring learning about herb blessings, fear release, clearing the cobwebs, closing the bones, baby blessings and all the ways to bring more intentionality in to midwifery and to mark the phases of the rites of passage. 

Offering meditations as well as spiritual support and guidance that aligns with your clients’ desired prenatal experience. Work with energy and bring more awareness to details that do make a difference such as the energy of conception, her own birth story, ancestral patterns, and more.

WEEK 5 : Beyond Holding Space

WEEK 7 : Pregnancy and Birth as a Ceremony

WEEK 9 : Deprogramming and Reprogramming

What does your client know about birth and how does that shape her experience of it? The education is a huge piece of the puzzle and does influence her experience of pregnancy and birth. Rethink how and what women learn from you to match the overall intention and empower her experience. 

Align your energy with your people. Attract clients in a way that resonates with your overall goals and message. Plus, learn how to automate the boring stuff so you can spend less time on devices and have more quality time to do what you love. 

The Nitty Gritty: tax stuff, budgeting, bookkeeping, contracts, and informed choice documents…all made at least sort of fun :) 

WEEK 6 : Getting Your Money In Order

WEEK 8 : Magical Marketing, Website Hot Seats 

WEEK 10 : Reimagining Client Education 

Imagine a sustainable midwifery practice that actually feels good. Make a plan for filling up your cup and giving yourself time off to recharge. Whether you’ve been a midwife for 5 years or 15, we are all at a place to reconsider how we can make this more sustainable for ourselves and for the benefit of those we serve. Find sisterhood in achieving the right balance for you. 

WEEK 11 : Rest, Rejuvenation and Redreaming

How you take care of yourself and your money matters, big time! It’s not too early or to late to make a plan for retirement. Create rituals that support your well-being, and that also can help you in counselling women on how to care for these parts of themselves. Develop a method for using your time and energy in a way that is valuable, intentional, and with a long term view. 

WEEK 12 : Money Rituals and Self Care

Focus in more on your gifts. Reorient your midwifery practice around your TOP 5 strengths, bring more ease into your prenatal flow, and get to know more about yourself. 

WEEK 4 : Your Unique Gifts

Here's How Our Journey Will Unfold

While serving as a midwife is deeply rewarding, it is also a path that can feel lonely, isolated and frustrating. We have watched as midwifery has been co-opted by a medical model that leaves women without the deep care and connection they need. Midwifery Magic is focused on helping midwives move beyond the confines of that container and step into a more sacred expression in their work with women. You are here in this work for a purpose. And while that purpose is completely unique to you, that does not mean that you need to walk your path alone. The Midwifery Magic Community will serve as a constant resource and support for you on your journey and allow you to renew, refocus and re-energize your Soul to do your important work. Together, we will help welcome the coming generations in love, freedom and peace.

Join the Community of Midwives Moving into a More Sacred Expression of Midwife


You will have unlimited access to the program  materials for as long as we continue to offer it! This means you can come back to it again as many times as you choose.

How long will I have access?

Yes, with the exception of our live question, answer and connection calls which will be recorded for you to watch later if you can't attend live.

Is this a self-paced program?

Enrollment is $1999 with early bird pricing of $1499 until October 16th (and payment plans available). This is an advanced course, for practicing midwives, designed to not only increase the level of service you provide to women but also to enhance your financial wellness and sense of abundance as you do this work.

How much is enrollment?

You will get info about what to do before the cohort begins, and when the cohort begins you will access to the community and instructions for attending the live sessions.

What happens when I enroll?

Frequently Asked Questions

While the program is intended for practicing midwives, enrollment is open to current midwifery students in the advanced stages of their education who feel called to engage in this work now. 

Is this for midwifery students?

Yes! All midwives are welcome to enroll. If you are a medically trained midwife who is ready to step into a fuller expression of this work, you will find this program to be completely transformative.

Is this for CNMs and Registered Midwives?

The next cohort begins November 1, 2023. The live calls for this cohort will take place twice during the 12 week container, and recordings will be available for those who can't attend live.

When does Midwifery Magic begin?

The Midwifery Magic Mentorship Program is for practicing midwives who are serious about stepping into a more sacred and powerful role in their work, in complete alignment with their truth. While the program does allow you to proceed at your own pace, please understand there are no refunds. If you are not called to this now, feel free to wait until it is offered again in the future.

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