But the sad reality is that most modern doula organizations and medical practitioners are fixated on coercion and control, and ignore or even ridicule the sacred aspects of birth. Many practicing doulas feel like cogs in a broken machine, lacking clarity and direction.

Women have always supported women in birth.

 Let’s not forget

Get to know Maryn and Margo

This course emphasizes a holistic approach to being a doula, taking into consideration body, mind, and spirit. Created by experienced midwives and business owners Maryn Green and Margo Blackstone, this program uniquely integrates traditional birth and midwifery wisdom with clinical experience and amazing, unique-to-Indie Birth proprietary material. You will experience inner growth and gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to support women (and thus change our birth culture!). You will also develop skills to launch and grow your doula business, with personalized coaching calls and website reviews.

Not your average doula course...

This high-impact, comprehensive 4 month course is designed to help you become a kick-ass doula or grow in your current doula abilities. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of birth work, but you will also learn how to start and grow a successful doula business in your community. 

The Indie Birth Doula Academy

We have just the thing for you...

It’s time to train a new generation of smart, brave doulas to support and serve birthing women in their communities.

Enough to the shallow, fear-based approaches that dominate the industry.

We say enough.

"The Doula Academy is one of the most wonderful journeys you'll ever take..."

I started this course with hopes to satiate my cravings for a deep dive into all things birth, and happy to say my desires have been met (and then some). There is no surface level content; the course takes twists, turns, detours and deep dives, all with the purpose of increasing your knowledge of all things birth to a meaningful level, whilst constantly encouraging you to be thinking critically about your own stance and values."

- Emily

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The Wise Woman Conscious Business Model

We want our students to be successful and sustained by this work - we focus heavily on transforming your entire birth community in a powerful, feminine way that will ALSO attract money and abundance into your own life.

Pillar #5

The Birth Warrior Toolkit

Lots of our students want to focus on low intervention births, but since intervention can happen in any setting, we do also teach how to navigate specific interventions and interferences including everything from membrane sweeps to epidurals so that you can help educate and guide your clients when things come up.

Pillar #4

The Client Clarity Method

Goal #1 is to REALLY get your clients to a place of clarity about their birth desires, not just fill out a shitty birth plan. We will teach you how to do that and give you tools to use, even when you’re working with someone this might be tricky for.

Pillar #3

The Sacred Science Birth Code

A combination of our extensive midwifery experience, the super nerdy science of undisturbed birth and a reverence for the sacred aspects of birth. Most doula courses aren’t taught by experienced midwives, and this gives you a serious edge.

Pillar #2

The Indie Birth Heart Centered Doula System

We give you a method to explore and process your own beliefs, fears, hangs ups and super powers so that you can become the a changemaker in your birth community.

Pillar #1

Give me the details!

The course content is built around these five pillars

"After supporting a good friend and her family during her pregnancy...

... and autonomous home birth of her son I knew in my heart I was being led to support women in birth. I waffled back and forth on signing up for a doula course through well known organizations. Thank you for this course, it is literally the answer to my prayers..."


This course will enhance your current skills and teach you new ones, deepen your doula network, and help you jumpstart your doula business.

Practicing doulas

This course will teach you the fundamentals from pregnancy through postpartum, as well as how to build a successful doula business in your community.

New or prospective doulas

Who is this course for?



IT IS NOT a surface level “how to” guide; this is a rigorous journey that requires hard work and reflection. 

IT IS NOT a lifetime access offering. Each student has four months to complete the course, and we provide you with structure and support to complete your training within that timeline. (We do offer one time extensions if needed)

The Doula Academy is an incredible offering. But it is not...

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Enrolling year round, meaning you could start tomorrow! 

The total investment for this course is $1,800.
(Payment plans are now available)

When we change birth, we change the world. 

If you want to skip the clarity call and just enroll, please email margo@indiebirth.org for next steps. 

Be part of the birth revolution.

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