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Maryn and Margo offer experienced, insightful support for birth workers via a variety of session types including: birth debriefs, refining your offerings, on-call support for new midwives, comprehensive business, systems and marketing coaching for doulas and midwives, and soulful direction for aspiring birth workers.

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Virtual Mentorship for Birth Workers

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-Amanda Barta"

"I had the fantastic benefit of having one on one business coaching with Margo and can honestly say it was one of the best tools for growth for my business. It’s know secret Margo is a wealth of knowledge and resources so having time with her was so impactful. Margo took the time to answer an array of business questions I had regarding anything from web design, marketing tools, tips to run my business and everything in between. She made sure to answer all my questions and really helped my find my unique voice and better carve out my niche in my business. She doesn’t know it yet, but I plan on booking more business coaching with her in the near future because it made such a big impact before!!"

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I love the space that Maryn holds for me, around whatever it is that feels important for me to explore during a session. I feel so supported and validated in my process during this huge time of transition in my life. I also feel endlessly grateful for Maryn‘s wealth of knowledge and the diversity of support she is able to offer me, around whatever area that may be coming up for me. I appreciate the way she incorporates knowledge from her years of supporting others through her time as a midwife, her extensive studies, deep wisdom, intuition, and her genuine care as a loving human being all so harmoniously in the way she shows up. I have never felt like something is missing in the space we are sharing, for lack of being in the same room. If it is something you are pondering, I highly recommend creating the space to connect with one of these incredible beings for a virtual session.

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We are an eclectic trifecta! 1) We are midwives 2) We have tons of experience training birth workers and 3) We are also real deal entrepreneurs. This unusual combination has led us to providing mentorship for birth workers in ways we never originally imagined.

In our mentorship sessions we provide compassionate debriefs, self care strategizing, brainstorming and counseling around client issues, and (limited) on call availability for birth workers who are looking for an added layer of education and support for their work.

In our business focused sessions, we are able to utilize the emotional and spiritual counseling skills we have honed as midwives and the logistical and techy skills we have gained since 2013 when we first started offering birth related products and courses online. Whatever you need, we have got you covered, from websites, to schedulers, to marketing and beyond.

We are ready to help you whether you are an on the ground birth worker trying to figure out who you are and how you fit into the birth community, or you are trying to figure out more advanced online marketing strategies like newsletters, lead magnets, advertising and funnels. There is no one else in the birth world with our amount of experience that offers mentoring like this. 

Meet Your Mentors: Maryn Green and Margo Blackstone

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Our mentoring can look a lot of different ways, but the intention is always the same - supporting you in the meat and potatoes of being a birth worker, and being the most authentic version of yourself possible while doing it. 

Sometimes this looks like spending time debriefing a birth experience, or troubleshooting a sticky client situation. It might mean exploring things you would like to add to your offerings like ceremony or ritual. And it almost always includes looking at your own self-care and how you are showing up for yourself so you can show up for others.

**VERY LIMITED** Are you a doula or a midwife who would love to have a holistic, radical midwife just a phone call or FaceTime away? Perhaps you just need that reassurance that someone has your back. A clear headed, non-sleep deprived brain to pick! Under our mentorship umbrella we love to we have very limited space for people that want us available for on call support.

You can book a session with us at the bottom of this page. If you're interested in on call support, we can discuss it at the end of your first session.


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We know what it takes to run a successful on the ground birth practice AND an online, international birth business. We have successfully created and marketed our own content, courses (including the creation of an entire school!), and coaching services in the online space since way before the Rona made that a popular thing. 

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to get where we are here at Indie Birth. No really, we spent $10,000 on a super macho 8 week course once to learn how to effectively put together our first funnel, and it was worth every penny. Side note: so much business stuff is geared towards men, and it is hard to wade through and apply to this sacred feminine work. BUT you don't have to shell out tons of money or sit through mind numbing training videos since we have done that legwork for you, and you won't have to waste time figuring out which strategies to try since we have seen what works best for birth workers.

So whether you need help getting organized, creating a website, honing your birth photography skills, interviewing clients, FINDING clients!, managing your money, advertising across multiple platforms, branding, creating freebies and lead magnets, or creating your own content, we have you covered! 

Comprehensive Birth Business Coaching


Single Sessions

Each visit is 60 minutes long and tailored to your needs, so you don't have to choose what type of session you want ahead of time. You are welcome to choose to work with Maryn or Margo. If you are interested in our ON CALL real time birth support, we can discuss those details at the end of your first session.

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-  Birth story processing 
-  Attracting the “right” clients 
-  Protecting your energy when working with people 
-  Processing your own issues before working with people 
-  Offering sacred ceremony and connection with clients 
-  Finding your authentic voice 

- Finding ideal clients
- Marketing and advertising
- Creating kickass websites
- Unique content creation
- Basic photography skills
- Tapping into intuition and confidence
- Helping you discover and leverage your superpowers

Margo's Specialties

Maryn's Specialties

"I was in charge of my own care and the direction my pregnancy and birth went. Even when I tried to get Maryn to tell me what to do, she put the ball back in my court and helped guide me to make my own decisions. My sixth son was born at home, on a peaceful day in September. Maryn was in-tune to my needs as my labor progressed and arrived at my home in time to help me during the transitional stage of labor. She stayed with me to make sure my son was nursing and I was fed and whole."


"Until you have had an undisturbed birth of your own it’s impossible to describe how important the work that Indie Birth doing is. Indie birth is more than midwifery care it is an opportunity for women to really tune in, know their baby in the womb, trust in their body and themselves throughout the pregnancy and into birth and motherhood. Maryn and the midwives of Indie Birth provided me the tools (hands) and the personal support for me to go into birth without fear, without unnecessary intervention and with total love and trust for myself and my baby as we were finding power and connection in an undisturbed and well supported birth."


"Margo was present with me for the birth of my first child. I could not have asked for more soulful, loving, empowering and excellent guidance and care getting ready for birth. She is smart, well studied, passionate and one of the kindest people I know. I also love her honesty and sense of humor but those are just a bonus…Never does my sons birthday pass when I don’t think of Margo and the angel that she was to me at the time of my greatest need for support. You could not make a better choice of a wise woman to assist and support you in birth."


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