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With the dawning of a New Year, many people make those all-too-familiar resolutions to work towards as the year moves forward. This year, I encourage you to expand your resolutions to include not just you, but your family as well! Better nutrition is something we all need, and making it a family goal can make […]

A “Greens” Resolution! How to Eat More Greens


In my many years working with women in the birthing world, one of the main concerns that always comes up is protecting the perineum from tearing. As a new doula and childbirth educator, I would respond to these concerns with the usual “cookie cutter recipe” response of heat packs, oils, and perineum massage. This recipe […]

Nutritional Protection for your Perineum


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As many of you readers know, I have been following a raw food diet for almost 2 years. This has had tremendous positive results on my health in all areas: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. It is something that I love and am very passionate about.

Raw Pregnancy: A Journey Through Disappointment to Peace


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About 7 months ago, I was wandering through a used bookstore when a book literally jumped off the shelf at me: Primal Mothering In a Modern World, by Hygeia Halfmoon. The front cover has a picture of a beautiful family. The mother is topless and breastfeeding her youngest child. I knew that the book was […]

Primal Mothering In a Modern World


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As many of you know already, or soon will find out when you open the barrage of books on pregnancy, there is a lot to learn about nutrition during this wonderful season of life. There is plenty of information out there about 3 servings of this or that, and which supplements to take to make […]

How to Eat to Avoid Morning Sickness


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